IBM WODM Overview

IBM WODM Overview
IBM WODM (WebSphere Decision Management) provides a flexible working environment for business people to share, collaborate, and manage their Business policies in a well secured environment. IBM Operational Decision Management projects are then stored in a centralized vault where releases can be saved as versions and accessed in a well secure manner. This Decision Management Center also comes with different types of user interfaces:
  • This IBM WODM has Plug-ins for maintaining rules using MS Office documents.
  • Comes with web console that provides full set of capabilities for management, and also contains simulations and testing.
  • Widgets for IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management have been deployed in IBM business Space.
This IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management Server is integrated with rules and events designers, both being specific Eclipse plug-ins, provides dedicated design perspectives for business events and business rules. The environment designed for IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management Server is especially for IT users to implement, design, prepare, integrate, and deploy operational business decision-based applications.

Through this we come to know that IBM WODM provides full-fledged capability for the developers to design, deploy, and execute the business rules & events specifically through an SOA solution. This also governs the policy changes or rules changes, defining the behavior of the services.
IBM WODM Overview
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