Creating a BOM entry from a XOM

In this Blog Post we are about see the procedure to create BOM entries from an existing XOM. You can afterwards extend the BOM without modifying the original XOM.
Procedure to create a BOM entry from a XOM:
IBM WODM Business Object Model

  • In the Rule Explorer view, select the bom folder and then, on the File menu, click New  > BOM Entry.
  • In the New BOM Entry wizard, in the Name field, type a name for the BOM entry, and select the option Create a BOM entry from a XOM.
  • Click Next.
  • In the BOM Entry step, we will select the XOM entries that we have defined in our rule project to be used as a basis for the BOM entry. These XOM entries can be in present rule project or in a referenced rule project.

Here a point to be noted is that we can also choose  Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK) system libraries as a XOM. Any ways in this case, it can make the BOM entry creation fail because some classes cannot be loaded directly.We can click Browse XOM again to reload the XOM types. Now the second time , the failing classes are not taken into consideration.
  • In the Choose a XOM entry field, type a path with the format xom:/myRuleProject/myXOM, or click Browse XOM to select a XOM entry.
  • The classes in the XOM entry you selected now appear in the Select classes field.
  • In the Select classes field, select the classes that you want to have in the BOM entry.

Any classes we do not select will not be accessible from any of the rule project items. When we select a package or a class, all its members are automatically included in the selection. We can reformulate the list of selected classes at some other point of time.
  • Click Next.

In the BOM Verbalization step, we describe which BOM elements we want to be verbalized. BOM elements that we do not verbalize will not be made accessible in business rule artifacts, but you can still use them in technical rule artifacts. We can reformulate the elements to be verbalized at later point of time also.
  • Click Finish.

In the Rule Explorer view, the bom folder displays a new BOM entry.

We can now edit the verbalization of business elements in the BOM Editor, and use them in our rule artifacts.
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