Exploring ILOG JRules in WODM

The word ILOG comes from the two French words – “Intelligence” and “Logical” which means intelligent software. When business rules are implemented in ILOG, they will be seen acting as intelligent systems which can give you an answer based on relevant information provided by you.
Exploring ILOG JRules in WODM
An ILOG Business Rule Management System (BRMS) gives your organization a boost up for putting all your business rules in one place. This is known as rules repository. Not only are these rules separate from your application code but also independent of any change that occurs in your application code across the enterprise. Apart from being independent, rules in ILOG can be changed by the business without IT collaboration. Managers can monitor changed rules and for the first time business logic becomes transparent as opposed to embedded deep somewhere in that ugly thing called code.

In order to make a recommendation to your organization, you need to get a background of what would need to be done in order to implement ILOG’s BRMS (business rule management system). Let’s look at what components ILOG JRules consist of.

Components of ILOG JRules

There are three types of components in WebSphere ILOG JRules. They are:
  • The standalone developer tool – Rule Studio Eclipse for JRules.
  • Rules Execution Server – web based tool to deploy and execute the rules.
  • Rule Team Server – web-based tool to change/update rules on production, for the business owners/ users.

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