Looking for JDBC Drivers in WODM 8.0.1

Most of us will come to face a problem of JDBC drivers after the installation of IBM WebSphere ODM | WODM v8.0.1. When you are started up with your Decision server and Decision Center Clusters, You may get these JDBC errors. These JDBC errors may be seen even though if you are done with your installation and configuration of your (W)ODM environment. The problem is that your JDBC drivers were not present in their expected location. The expected location of these JDBC drivers is /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer80/jdbcdrivers. This location of the JDBC drivers is same as mentioned above for some environments. But for some environments, these locations may vary. When we dug into the problem for more particulars, we may discover that the drivers are put into place by ONE of the THREE (W)ODM components - Business Space.
Looking for JDBC Drivers in WODM 8.0.1

This is what I had installed on my own server: -

$/opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl-silent-nosplash listInstalledPackages


When I searched further on my own environment, I have come to see that the installations of Decision Center and Decision Server have not installed the JDBC drivers into their expected location - it's the installation of Business Space that does that.
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