IBM WODM Topologies

Staged Decision Management:

IBM WODM Topologies
    IBM WODM Topologies
  • The development life cycle stages are fully isolated.
  • A single cell has full; ODM run-time
  • For authorizing and execution by phase cell Isolation is done.
  • Customization is done differently in each cell, which also includes security customization.
  • Clustered Decision centers and Decision servers are highly available.

  • For provision and management more number of JVM’s and Decision Center Databases are required.
  • Synchronization should be done from the Development cell to the Production cell for Decision Center Vault (repository).

Centralized Decision Management
IBM WODM Topologies
The advantages and disadvantages of the centralized management approach shown above can be summarized as follows:

  • Only One single point of authorizing the business that deploys on all existing environments.
  • On any selected Decision server, to deploy executable rules merge and Decision center branch can be leveraged.
  • Clustered Decision center and Decision Server environments are highly available.
  • Authorizing and Execution work loads are been isolated.
  • Decision Center customization per phase is not allowed.
  • For the authorization and deployment of Decision Center Vault is a failure here, unless until the configuration of the database is highly available.
  • For the tuning of authorizing sections access should be required.
  • No replica Decision Manager environment for testing maintenance activities and other high risk changes.
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